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Maggie Randle

Volleyball Coach


Skills Academy Coach/Instructor - NASA
Volleyball (Huntsville)


I had an incredible experience playing club volleyball and my coaches are what made me fall in love with the sport. Through their motivation, teaching, and support, I was able to be the best version of myself on and off of the court. I hope I am able to give other young players the same experience and joy of playing the best sport there is while growing in all aspects.

About me

I am a junior at Auburn University studying
Rehabilitation and Disability Studies with a plan to go to Occupational Therapy school. I am from Huntsville, Alabama and have lived there most of my life. I love Auburn football, going to church, and hanging out with my friends!

Playing/Coaching Experience

I played volleyball in middle school and high school. I also played for one of the clubs in Huntsville; NASAVolleyball from ages 8-17. I have played every position on the court at some point in my playing career!

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