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Kristina Woody

Volleyball Coach


Private Coaching - 2 years
Rec Volleyball Coaching - 2 years
Bachelor of Science - Nursing
Auburn University


I am a pretty internally driven person. The best explanation of that ability is to just keep walking in God's grace. I really see it as a gift and superpower. I love competition and working towards new goals. As a family we love finding new things to learn and keeping the learning curve steadily moving up.

About me

I have lived in Auburn since elementary age, so l guess you could say I am "home-grown." My husband Lamar is also an AU native and we have a 10yo daughter Natalie. I grew up playing multiple sports in all seasons throughout my youth. I have a passion to share the art of self-development that is so uniquely refined through athletics. I am a Registered Nurse by profession, dedicating my 12 years of experience to the Auburn/Opelika community.

Playing/Coaching Experience

I believe my strengths in coaching are generally teaching mental resilience in competition & training performance experiences, Serving & defensive/ passing fundamentals (Volleyball), Infield & throwing mechanics (Softball).

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